Dave Kuhlman

Contact: dkuhlman (at) davekuhlman (dot) org
Sacramento, CA USA
Date: August 31, 2022


I am retired. I am not looking for work or employment. However, if you have a project that you think might interest me, I'd enjoy a conversation.

The following may help give you some idea about my interests.


Dave Kuhlman has worked for many years on a variety of software development projects, in several programming languages, and on more than one platform. Because of Python's clear syntax, developer friendliness, and broad utility, Dave focuses his energy on the Python language and systems built with it. And because of a perceived future need for programming with concurrency, Dave is learning and working with Erlang. Dave has taught and is prepared to teach several entry level classes on Python and Jython. Dave's current work platform is Ubuntu GNU/Linux but also works on MS Windows. He has installed and administers a small network composed of several Linux boxes.


Relevant Work

Here are projects on which I do active work:

And, here are projects that are old, but may be of historical interest:

See Open Source projects available at my Web site at http://www.davekuhlman.org

Employment History

Education History